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I challenged myself to try to eat one new fruit that I can’t easily find in the States and that I had probably never had before.
Dragonfruit, or huo long guo (literally fire dragon fruit), are actually the fruit of a cactus, Hylocereus, and very popular all across Asia. They come with red or white flesh, and you find them everywhere you look in China. They are bold and bright pink, and quite dragonesque looking:

Interestingly, the inside looks nothing like the outside. The closest I can think to compare the consistency of the flesh to is kiwi, but the flavor is quite different. The white flesh is subtly sweet, while the seeds are crunchy and a bit nutty, I’d say. I just spooned it out of the skin, but some people cut slices and eat it melon-style. One dragon fruit contains about 60kcal, is high in Vitamin C and fiber, and also contains a bunch of other minerals and vitamins.

Let me tell you, I wish there were any way at all for me to find them here. I’d pay outrageous amounts to have one again! (Scratch that! Look at what I found!) Dragonfruit are very refreshing and not at all overwhelmingly sweet, so they work great on the often muggy, hot summer days of Beijing.

What are some of the best (or weirdest) foods you’ve discovered recently?