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Happy All Saints and All Souls days!

In many Latin American nations, dia de los muertos is celebrated very colorfully, with special edible treats to accompany the festivities. I just wanted to share these adorable handmade Mexican chocolates that I found at Galeria Quetzal here. Check out this assortment of skeletons, skulls, skulls with flowers, skulls with hats, bones, etc.!

Our favorite was this guy here, with a very impressive mustache and sombrero:

He was actually cast out of solid milk chocolate, and painted with white and lighter shaded chocolates. He was quite tasty, too!

Are you celebrating All Saints/All Souls day, or was Halloween it for you? Do you have special treats you make for the occasion? In Germany, we celebrate the former, not Halloween, but it’s a rather somber religious affair that is nothing like the colorful dia de los muertos. It also doesn’t have tasty treats, unfortunately.