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Remember my gushing review of Umami Moto, the Asian-inspired food truck roaming the streets of Greater Cleveland? Well, I couldn’t stay away. Or rather, they were outrageously nice and dropped off my order on their way back from their location for the day because I couldn’t get away from work. Now that’s dedication to service!

The order in question consisted of their Umami Burger. Now, I should explain this thing about me and burgers. They don’t really attract me too much. I mean, I appreciate a burger every half year or so, but that’s it. I don’t crave them, I don’t seek them out, I tend to be underwhelmed when I order one. Heck, I didn’t even eat my first burger until the tender age of 19. My brain just doesn’t seem wired for love of burgers.

Enter the Umami Burger, which benevolently smiled at my wiring and ignored it. It blew me away!

(Forgive the low quality picture, I was unprepared for this awesome delivery and had to use my iPod camera.)

Now, this is a burger to dream about. Perfectly cooked lean all-beef patty (nicely thin to my taste, I’d estimate 2.5 to 3 oz, just the right amount not too overwhelm the experience) with Southeast Asian flavors, topped with a truly kickin’ prik pao chili sauce, a hint of mayo and onions, on a fresh, perfectly crisp toasted brioche bun. Holy moly, I couldn’t stop! The bun was perfect, and I usually despise burger buns in my haughty German bakery-spoiled ways – the brioche wasn’t bland, soggy or cardboard-like at all. It was warm, slightly sweet and had a great texture. And that chili sauce! I wish all my lunches were this great!

So here I stand, with The Burger To Beat in my mind, courtesy of the awesome Umami Moto team. What’s your take on burgers? Love them? Hate them? Have a special one that will forever be burned into your memory?