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One of the strangest, yet tastiest fruit I encountered in China were yangmei, also called “hairy strawberries”, that are not at all related to strawberries.Yangmei has been trademarked as “Yumberry” for marketing purposes, so if you ever see yumberry yogurt, that’s what that is.

Yangmei are the fruit of the Myrica rubra tree and are about the size of large grapes. They have a beautifully intense dark red coloring, and these little bubble-like growths that feel slightly hairy on the tongue. The whole fruit can be eaten, but comes with a pit. The flavor is an interesting mix of mildly sour with enough sweetness to be completely addictive. The flesh is firm and also crimson.

Yangmei are very low in calories (28kcal per 100g) and very healthy, as they are high in antioxidants, ellagic acid, vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin-C, thiamine, riboflavin and carotene. And very, very tasty!

On a less scientific note, they are also great for pretending to have lost several teeth in a fist fight!

Are there any other Chinese fruit you have particular questions about? Or would you like more detail on those I’ve talked about so far?

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