About Me

I am a German currently living in the U.S. who is about to defend her thesis to obtain a Ph.D. in Molecular and Microbiology. I’m happily married to my American wife, I have a tortoiseshell kitty, and, well, I love food. No, you don’t understand. I LOVE food. I am obsessed with food. And I love all kinds of food, and trying new things. What this resulted in was some serious obesity, which I finally decided to tackle in November of 2007. It took me until April of 2009 to loose 96 pounds, and since then I’ve dropped another 5 and have been maintaining. The most crucial things to help me do that were exercise (I started at 0 exercise and now am pretty fit), Weight Watchers (no forbidden food groups! Yay!) and going through various experimental phases of cuisines to avoid food boredom, because then I just eat crap. And lots of it.

I also love to travel, and though it’s become tougher to do since moving to the United States and not being included in the yearly exotic family vacation, when it does happen, I get incredibly excited about the foods that await, and terrified that I will gain all the weight back in 2 or 3 short weeks.

So here I’ll try to share some experiences that might help others in my situation, as I am all to familiar with that panicked Google search before your trip when you can’t seem to find any info dealing with healthier food options in the city/country that you’re going to visit.